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    Charlie Daniels weighs in

    Jun 17 | Posted by: Charlie | Tags: Gun Control, Orlando Terror Attack

    I fear that the recent attack on the nightclub in Orlando, Florida signals a new direction in America's struggle with radical Islamic terror, and something that our president has neither the stomach nor the motivation to deal with.

    The lone wolf method of terror requires neither a trip abroad to an ISIS training camp nor extensive instruction about how to build and detonate sophisticated explosive devices. It just requires a martyr mentality, an adequate weapon and the willingness to commit mass murder.

    Our president's first reaction is, of course, more gun control, as if passing more gun laws that would effect only the law abiding citizens would actually take the guns out of the hands of the terrorists. Dream on, Mr. President.

    Omar Mateen should have never been able to purchase a gun and if the government agencies that are supposed to protect us from such things had not grown so politically correct, he would not have been able to purchase one legally.

    He had been on the FBI’s radar not once but twice and because they could find no concrete evidence to charge him, they had to drop him from the list, something that should never have happened, not when it comes to terrorism, because where there is smoke there is fire, or at least is likely to be at some time in the future and is at least worth keeping a running tally of anyone suspected of being involved in terrorist activity.

    One has to look no farther than Chicago, a city with the toughest gun laws in the nation, where all the guns are owned by the bad guys, where law abiding citizen cannot even own one for protection, yet the gun violence statistics are outrageous and getting worse every day.

    Shot and killed so far this year 266
    Wounded by gunshot this year 1,477
    Total homicides 297

    You could say that Chicago is a microcosm of what the whole country would be like if the anti-gun crowd had their way and took away everybody's guns; families defending themselves against assault rifles with sticks and rocks.

    The awful truth is that the new mode of terrorism is basically urban warfare and now that ISIS has officially declared war on the Western World and we're left with a president whose weapon of choice is a bunch of placating slogans and a worn out old olive branch, it's more important than ever for Americans to bear at least some of the responsibility for defending themselves and their families.

    To listen to the media one would think that there were no gun laws at all in this country while there are enough laws in place to paper the south wall of the Grand Canyon and buying a gun legally requires filling out long forms and background checks, and let’s not forget, the strict gun laws in Paris did nothing to prevent 89 people from being gunned down by terrorists in a theater late last year.
    And therein lies the problem, most terrorists, gang members and various and sundry other criminals don't even try to buy their guns legally, they buy weapons out of the trunk of a car or a room in some cheap hotel, no background checks, no paper work, no way to prove that the gun is in their possession.

    Does anybody in their right mind not believe that if local police forces would actually have the backing and the protection of City Hall and have their parameters widened that they could not take the troublemakers and their illegal guns off the street?

    But all it takes is a look at the recent happenings in Baltimore to see why police are reticent to take that route.

    Is there anybody who thinks that given the go ahead and the backing of the White House and Congress that our federal agencies could not identify and arrest illegal gun dealers and root out terrorist cells and individuals.

    Of course it would take profiling, going into neighborhoods and places of worship or wherever the trail leads and Obama had rather see the Mississippi River dry up than to allow that. But I predict the day will come when the American public will have enough and go against presidents, the ACLU and every other obstacle that stands in the way of their protection.

    If Obama really wanted to do something about the distribution of illegal guns he would unseal the records on Fast and Furious and make Eric Holder stand trial.

    Then he would make it his business to clean up Chicago and all the other American cities where thugs with illegally purchased guns make life dangerous for decent folk.

    A little cowboy logic would work wonders in this white house, identify the real problem and rip it out by the roots.

    Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

    What do you think?

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels
    The Official Charlie Daniels Band Website

    Cowboy logic in Washington worked pretty damn well for this country in the 80's.
    Was always a fan of Daniels music and politics. Go Charlie!
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" R.R.


      Always like Charlie Daniels. Saw him in PA a few years ago and he still puts on a great show.

      Normal people can own firearms in Chicago now, but it's just like getting a carry permit in NYC.
      “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin


        I like his music and love his politics. Indeed a lot of our country's problems could be solved by embracing some "cowboy logic", i.e. work hard for what you want, protect your family and your homestead, love God and Country! God bless all the patriots like Charlie Daniels and God bless America!!


          He hit the nail on the head, Reagan in the White House? You would get your ass kicked in trying the shit they are doing now.


            He's dead balls on


              That cat can play fiddle, too.
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