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Gabby giffords coaches hillary clinton on how to bs voters on gun control

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    Gabby giffords coaches hillary clinton on how to bs voters on gun control


    Gun Control has been a losing political issue on the national stage for as long as there have been guns and elections. Democrats however are stupid and think this year things are going to be different. The problem is “gun control” sounds so fascist and Americans are kind of attached to their rights so a liberal think tank led by Gabby Giffords’ anti-gun group has come up with ways that democrats like Hillary Clinton can bullshit voters into thinking their unconstitutional efforts are something other than what they are.

    Politico reports that Giffords’ Americans For Responsible Solutions along with other nefarious groups like Priorities USA, NARAL and Google put their progressive liberal brains together to find a way to trick Americans into accepting massive gun control. What they came up with was both underwhelming and hilarious.

    Basically the think tank wants to employ euphemisms to deceive people and soften their message.

    Instead of “gun control” they suggest saying “gun violence prevention” or “preventing gun tragedies.”

    I’m not sure those phrases are interchangeable. “Preventing gun tragedies legislation” doesn’t quite have the ring of “gun control legislation.”

    Then there is the problem of misleading the public and treating them like they are stupid. Gun violence prevention would focus on the criminals committing the gun violence, but that’s not what these assholes want to do. They are interested in restricting access to and banning firearms. Those things are gun control and people control, not tragedy prevention.

    Even funnier is that they suggest that candidates stop referring to the NRA by name. Instead, they have advised Hillary Clinton and others to simply say “the gun lobby.” According to one of these gun-haters “The NRA has great favorability” so they have to demonize them as a “special interest group” whose only purpose is to “protect the profits” of the gun manufacturers and sellers.

    There’s even more craziness. It turns out that anti-gun nuts like billionaire Michael Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords spend assloads more money lobbying politicians than the NRA does, so the think tank wants democrats to de-emphasize the amount of money the NRA spends and focus on how “evil” they are.

    Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions distributed a booklet to democrats in the House and Senate instructing them on this new deception. Some of the highlights of that are telling liberal politicians to refrain from talking about stricter new gun laws and to never mention gun bans and/or confiscation even if that’s what they are going for.

    They also tell the dems to exploit the hell out of tragedies and victims while pushing their gun control tragedy prevention legislation.

    Some of the greatest advice Giffords gives is to “redefine success” and to “raise the stakes and create urgency.” In other words, lie and fear monger. Nancy Pelosi is reportedly very excited about this radical new gun control strategy.

    What this boils down to is Gabby Giffords is coaching Hillary Clinton on how to be even more deceptive than she already is. This is what happens when a woman with a hole in her head advises a woman with a hole in her credibility. The results should be pathetic.

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