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Dartmouth Professor To Offer Course On ‘Gun Phallocracy.'

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    Dartmouth Professor To Offer Course On ‘Gun Phallocracy.'

    Yes. It's just as wacky as it sounds.
    Having trouble copying the text so going to the link is the only way to read this insanity.

    And this dude gets paid to "teach " not even going to waste my time googling how much this summer class cost however much it is it is waaaayyyyyyy to much , going out on a limb here I would say all of the students plan on voting for billary, or are still feeling the bern


      Well, OH never mind, sillyness
      stay alive, carry a 45


        How much does it cost to send your kid to Dartmouth??!!... Idiots


          I've seen the common core results published last weekend. I'm thinking less anti-gun classes and maybe more math and English classes are in order.

          Just putting that out there.....
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            Can I offer a course on being a punk ass bitch liberal faggot?


              Professor.......... ya know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
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                So it's a class on Ad Hominem. Awesome. Because all of us here see guns as an extension of our man parts. Oh wait, women shoot what fucktard?
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                  Originally posted by flyfshr View Post
                  How much does it cost to send your kid to Dartmouth??!!... Idiots
                  Soon it will be free. Unless you're not sending your kid. Then, you''ll be paying for those who are.

                  Give a man fire, and he stays warm for one night. Set a man on fire, and he stays warm for the rest of his life.


                    what does jenner pack , multi caliber ?




                        Professor phallic


                          Originally posted by crashguy View Post
                          That's what Pate meant when he said he got the "golden ruger"


                            This is why Americans are so disadvantaged when it comes to high tech and high finance jobs! Students from Korea, India, China, and elsewhere spend only God knows how much time studying and competing in schools for prestigious spots in universities, because for them failure is not an option and there isn't a well off mommy and daddy to fall back on!

                            Here we have fucktards like this "Professor" teaching these idiotic course to idiotic privileged children of helicopter parents! The high tech industries beg the government to increase H1-B visas for high tech workers because they can't fill the jobs with fucktards graduating from these fucktard universities! (Did I overuse "fucktard"?)

                            I told my kid that if he picks an idiot course for easy credit I will shove my boot so far up his behind he'll be able to tie the shoelaces with his tongue!
                            SHADAP VARMINT!



                              At Dartmouth, associate professor and “queer theorist” Eng-Beng Lim will offer a course bashing conservatives, gun ownership, and “phallocracy.” Yes, liberal academic bias is expected and well known, but this is just ridiculous.

                              Lim posted the syllabus without comment, but it was later confirmed in a College press release that he is teaching the course this summer.


                              Week 1 From Gender to Gun Performativity

                              This week serves as an introduction to a range of topics within queer theory, including the broad field of made-up vocabulary. The syllabus has at least five such words, including “phallogocentrism.”

                              Week 2 Surviving Killabilities

                              “Killabilities” appears to reference the material in this section that details “systematic” violence against queer people and other minorities.

                              Week 3 Laughing at Masculinist Rage, Corruption and Mass Shooting

                              As its title implies, this week is primarily third-wave feminist literature, anti-conservative rants, and accusations that firearms are phallic symbols.

                              Week 4 Getting Toxic and Terrifying

                              This week hits all the core concepts of the class. It focuses on “toxic masculinity,” which it then associates with mass shootings, attacks “Islamophobia,” and rounds everything out by attacking the police.

                              Week 5 Empire, Trump

                              If there was a wrong way to attack Trump, this week covers it. It then accuses America of being a fascist empire. Or something like that.

                              Week 6 Orlando

                              Many articles in this section, drawn largely from tabloids, fall just short of ISIS apologia. Others focus on tangential topics to the exclusion of the event itself.

                              Week 7 Gun Phallocracy: Colonial and Capitalist Deadlocks

                              Blame the guns. If that fails, blame the Republicans/NRA. This week looks like the Facebook feed of a Bernie Sanders supporter.

                              Week 8 Performance & Patriarchal Pathologies

                              Presumably, the mix of topics presented under this heading constitute The Patriarchy.

                              Week 9 Queer nightlife: safety, joy, erasure and complacence

                              Two words: safe spaces.
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