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Hogue Inc: “Wells Fargo Refused Our Business

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    Hogue Inc: “Wells Fargo Refused Our Business

    Hogue Inc: “Wells Fargo Refused Our Business Due to Weapons Manufacture.”

    Over the last weekend of July 2016 Hogue Inc. posted a statement on their Facebook page outlining their experience with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is one of the largest banking institutions in the country. The bank was founded in 1852 and is quite well known for its logo which depicts an old time West stagecoach. The stagecoach logo originally depicted one of the drivers armed with a coach gun, something historically accurate specifically to the bank. Wells Fargo is the reason the term “coach gun” was created; the company’s drivers carried the double-barreled shotguns for protection on runs spanning thousands of miles. Then there was the 1950s television series “Tales of Wells Fargo” based on the life of real-life Wells Fargo detective Fred J. Dodge. In the television show Dodge became character Jim Hardie who was played by actor Dale Robertson, and the t..v. bank detective spent his role armed. And, of course, there used to be checks issued by the bank depicting an armed cowboy galloping his horse towards – or perhaps away from – some unseen thing (speaking as a former Wells Fargo customer, I can say I do remember those checks).

    This is the post that was made by Hogue Inc. on July 29th:

    Here’s the text of the post:

    “THIS JUST IN: We were just informed that Wells Fargo Bank would not do business with us, refusing to provide their services based on the fact that we manufacture “weapons” (aka knives). Incredibly, this refusal came after THEY initially pursued us to gain our business. Once we had decided to go with Wells Fargo, they then pulled the plug saying they could not provide their services since we manufacture weapons…Needless to say, we are shocked and confused – considering their logo is a stagecoach and driver with a shotgun too! We felt we needed to inform the firearm and knife community of this discriminatory stance Wells Fargo has taken. Please share.“

    There has been a serious increase in the number of banks refusing to do business with firearms industry companies. It’s too bad the industry doesn’t have its own banking institution. I’m sure they’d do phenomenal business both within the industry itself and by opening up to personal banking accounts. What do you think?

    Visit Hogue’s website (and maybe give them some business) at

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