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Rittenhouse says he used stimulus money to buy the gun he allegedly used to kill two

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    Originally posted by Destro View Post
    Agreed, though I’m wondering if they are one of the donors to his bail.
    Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised. They have really taken off over the last few years.


      did he call 911 with his " obamaphome "


        All of that may be true and in a bubble, Kyle was absolutely justified to fire upon his attackers. BUT there are a few things that trouble the flock out of me on this saga. The kid illegally aquired his AR through a straw purchase, crossed state lines in order to provide protection for property that he had no affiliation to. I heard there was an interview of Kyle before things went sideways for him by a local news crew which I did not hear directly . He explained that he was there to "provide first aid and that it was his "job" to protect the gas station he was at for some time not sure how he wound up at that gas station or thought it was "his" job . BTW, the owner of the gas station is on record that he did not hire Kyle to provide "security". ALL THAT troubles me and now there's no doubt that he is in a world of trouble at the moment. He comes off as a kid that's obsessed with all things LEO/Military/Firearms. I think he saw the events in Kenosha as a green light to live out a fantasy amongst all that crazy crap going down.

        Now, I have no sympathy for those killed - they were actively trying to disarm him and who knows what would have happened if that occured I am sure they would have caused great bodily harm or killed him. I was not there and can't know for sure but I highly doubt that Kyle was an aggressor and that it led to those dudes to attack HIM If I remember correctly he was running away and being chased . I also saw a video clip of one of the victims Joseph Rosenbaum, (white boy gangsta wannabe for sure) at that gas station earlier that night. He was antagonizing those armed guys protecting the property asking them to "Go man, shoot me N$%%A! Shoot me!" Well, he got shot allright. I feel for the kid but a string of really bad decisions have put his ass in a sling - even if he's going home for a bit on that 2MM bail. Complicated case for sure..

        Kyles life is ruined and I truly feel sorry for him.