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Howard Stern Schools Liberal Producer On 2nd Amendment

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    Howard Stern Schools Liberal Producer On 2nd Amendment

    Howard Stern Schools Liberal Producer On 2nd Amendment

    This article first appeared on BizPacReview by Michael Dorstewitz.

    USA – -( Shock radio host Howard Stern proved he’s a Second Amendment supporter when he put a gun-control nut in his place last week.

    And the “nut” was none other than his own longtime producer Gary Dell’Abate, also known by listeners as “Bababooey.”

    Dell’Abate called for a limit on the number of guns a person should own as well as the amount of ammunition.

    “You think a guy should have the right to own 300 guns?” the producer asked.

    “Yes, I do,” Stern replied. “What’s the difference if he has one or three hundred.”

    When Dell’Abate implied that people should be limited to two guns, Stern asked what two guns a person should be limited to.

    “I don’t know. Whatever is legal,” the producer said, displaying his ignorance.

    When Stern asked if there should be a limit on the caliber of ammunition, he again didn’t know, but added, “You probably should limit the amount of ammunition somebody should have.” He asked if a person should be able to possess “unlimited ammunition.”

    “Of course,” Stern replied. “Why shouldn’t he?”

    Then Stern got to the crux of his argument. He pointed out that the person purchasing both the guns and the ammunition is a law-abiding citizen. “You’re assuming he’s a criminal,” he said.

    Listen to the exchange and Stern’s voice of reason via “The Howard Stern Show.”
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