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New York Caught Covering Up Thug Culture Violence In Schools

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    New York Caught Covering Up Thug Culture Violence In Schools

    New York Caught Covering Up Thug Culture Violence In Schools

    I got a tiny bit ranty on Twitter yesterday, blasting the media and politicians who refuse to accept the fact that we don’t have a “gun violence” problem in this nation, and never have. I pointed out the unpleasant reality that we have a thug culture problem instead.

    Almost on cue the New York Post has chimed in, showing that schools in Bill de Blasio’s socialist-run New York City are being overwhelmed with thug culture… and his craven government is desperately trying to hide that reality.

    These are the guns and knives Mayor de Blasio doesn’t want you to see.

    A surging tide of weapons — including loaded revolvers, 9mm handguns, meat cleavers and daggers — has been confiscated this year from students in city schools, most of which do not have metal detectors.

    But instead of praising unarmed school safety agents for grabbing the weapons, the NYPD is cracking down on them for alerting the press and public, according to Gregory Floyd, president of the agents union, Teamsters Local 237.

    Several agents have given photos and information about weapon seizures to union officials, who then shared them with newspapers and TV stations, Floyd reports.

    Now NYPD officials, who oversee school safety, are grilling the agents and have threatened to dock their vacation days if they leak information, Floyd says.

    “The purpose is to intimidate and to make an example of them so other safety agents will be afraid to report crime,” he told The Post.

    Floyd called it a push by City Hall to keep parents and the public in the dark.

    “If there’s no information to report, de Blasio can come out with his skewed numbers that crime is down and schools are safe, and parents don’t get a true picture of what’s going on,” he said. “We shouldn’t be in the secrecy business. We should be in the business of making sure weapons brought to school doesn’t happen.”

    From July 1, 2015, through May 8 of this year, safety agents and cops recovered a total of 1,751 guns, knives and other weapons in schools. That’s up 26 percent from the same period last school year, when 1,394 weapons were confiscated, according to data provided Friday by the NYPD.

    The article goes on to list of incidents where students immersed in thug culture have brought weapons numerous times to New York City Schools in attempts to intimidate other children into compliance with threats of thug culture violence.

    New York City Schools have responded by refusing to arrest or suspend these children (which would generate reports undermining the de Blasio’s administration’s claims of how peaceful the schools are), and instead are letting this thug culture not just exist, but expand.

    de Blasio, Clinton, and others who are pushing “tool control” so hard are still refusing to address the very basic fact that the tool isn’t the problem. Tools such as fists, knives, sticks, and guns are just the items people choose to use to carry out violence upon one another.

    Until Democrats are willing to accept reality and develop a willingness to take on thug culture and crush the lifestyle of criminal violence as being acceptable, you can expect Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, New York and other cities to continue to burn from within.
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    Banning guns to prevent crime is like banning penises to prevent rape. The penis didn't cause the rape. The rapist did. Without penises rapes would still happen, just not with penises. A rapist without a penis will still be a disgusting criminal.
    (I never typed out the word penises before, did I spell it correctly?)
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      This is nothing new. It is against department policy to give info to the press without the permission of the commissioner/deputy commissioner of public information.