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Cuomo got dumped....Again

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    Cuomo got dumped....Again

    I can’t post it.....

    Add her to the list of people sick of his shit!


      I hope she writes a really nasty book about it all.
      Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


        Originally posted by The Camel View Post
        Add her to the list of people sick of his shit!
        I just wonder what took her so long to realize?
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          Only thing that could’ve made him meaner was if he stopped getting laid. Buckle up boys.


            Not if it comes out that her nickname for him was shrimp-dick.


              Originally posted by Huntington Guy View Post
              Only thing that could’ve made him meaner was if he stopped getting laid. Buckle up boys.
              Nah, he's still getting sex.

              The escape is half complete. The inventor of Hawk fishing. (soon to be seen on ESPN 8 the Ocho)


                Originally posted by Barnslayer View Post
                I hope she writes a really nasty book about it all.
                Or visits a federal prosecutor


                  Originally posted by Mrprovy View Post

                  Or visits a federal prosecutor
                  So does spousal privilege apply if he never went to Jared?


                    Cuomo needs to get fucked hard by Bubba and tossed off a building..


                      Originally posted by Huntington Guy View Post
                      Only thing that could’ve made him meaner was if he stopped getting laid. Buckle up boys.
                      No worries there... he fucks us every chance he gets.

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                        There's no room in Cuomo's life for anyone but...Cuomo
                        Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


                          "THE ALBANY CREEPER" looks so evil in that picture FUAC
                          stay alive, carry a 45


                            The man likes penises! How can he be with a woman? IMs sure she has plenty to say, if she want worried about getting killed.


                              Originally posted by LazyLab View Post
                              Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee are living apart amid breakup rumors

                              Gov. Cuomo and his longtime girlfriend, TV chef Sandra Lee, are no longer living together, sources told The Post — amid rumors that the couple have split up.

                              The pair have been living separate lives for a while, with Lee spending her time either at her Battery Park City pad in Manhattan or in California, while Cuomo is hunkering down at the Executive Mansion in Albany, sources said.

                              The couple began dating about 14 years ago and eventually living together at Lee’s Mount Kisco home.

                              A source with ties to the governor said, “[Cuomo] has moved out of her home in Westchester, and he has moved into the governor’s mansion in Albany.”

                              Another Cuomo source added, “It’s been like that for months.”

                              Sources said real-estate agents have been touring the Mount Kisco property — aptly located on Bittersweet Lane — ahead of putting it on the market.

                              Lee confirmed to The Post on Tuesday that she was selling the house to downsize — but both she and a rep for the governor vehemently denied that the pair has broken up.

                              “We’ve been together 14 years. Nothing has changed. We’re still together,” Lee said.

                              After The Post broke the story online and included a photo of Lee and Cuomo together, she then complained to the paper in a statement, “There are much cuter pictures of the two of us than this one.

                              “And to set the record straight we’re not getting married or not getting divorced or not pregnant and my blood type is B positive not B negative, selling the house, the world is not falling apart,” she said.

                              Lee repeated much of her statement on Facebook.

                              She also posted an online photo of Cuomo, his daughters and herself, adding, “Rumor mills abound. Page 6 knock it off!”

                              She said she hasn’t been local because she’s been busy helping take care of a sick uncle out of town.

                              A Cuomo rep reiterated her family ties to California.

                              The governor denied any split to The Post and insisted that he even still parks his cars in Lee’s garage.

                              “Nothing has changed — I live in Mt. Kisco and Albany, and my cars are in the garage there,’’ Cuomo said through a spokesman.

                              A spokesman confirmed that his boss was referring to the Mt. Kisco garage.

                              The rep added that Cuomo’s and Lee’s busy careers can appear to create a physical distance between the two.

                              But there has been talk for months of potential trouble in paradise between the pair, including a year ago, in May 2018, when The Post exclusively reported that Lee was conspicuously absent from the governor’s campaign Web site as he sought re-election and appeared to be laying the groundwork for a presidential bid.

                              At the time, Cuomo campaign spokeswoman Abby Fashouer brushed off the striking Web omission, saying, “Everyone knows the governor and Sandy have been partners for 13 years and that she is an important part of everything he does.”

                              Then in January, Page Six reported that Lee had skipped out on her boyfriend’s State of the State address for the first time, although she said it was to host a cancer charity gala.
                              Lee, 53, has is a breast cancer survivor.

                              “I feel torn, but I made a commitment I have to stick by,’’ Lee said of her absence from Cuomo’s State of the State address.

                              Then Lee attended the Super Bowl in Atlanta without her beau in February — while Cuomo held a politician-studded big-game bash in Manhattan.

                              Lee, a star on the Food Network, was previously married to philanthropist Bruce Karatz, who was convicted of stock manipulation following the split.

                              Cuomo, 61, divorced his first wife, Kerry Kennedy, after she famously had an affair with wealthy, polo-playing family friend Bruce Colley.

                              Cuomo and Kennedy have three daughters.

                              Lee and Cuomo were so gun-shy about their relationship in the early-going that they kept it a secret from the girls, she once told The Post.

                              Because Lee and Cuomo have never married, she is exempt from ethics rules requiring the spouses of elected officials to reveal the sources of their income.

                              A state ethics panel, however, has cleared her for certain perks, such as flying on taxpayers’ dimes to accompany Cuomo when he uses state aircraft for public business.
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