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    Originally posted by Genghis Khan View Post

    Larouche is not a good guy. Having his group pull stunts like this and advocating for Trump does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    They are still rabid anti semites and I don’t enjoy being on the same side of the fence with them. For anyone who questions why Jews are liberal and side with the democrats, here is one reason.
    In my opinion fascists = communists in many ways. Both slaughtered millions of Jews. Both are against personal rights. Both showed up at events like OWS and seemed to get along just fine. That scuffle that occurred in Charlotte a while back?... it was widely reported they actually arrived together on the same buses.
    I take this Larouche crap as a feeble attempt to play the nazi act for their own ego, to keep the charade going. And to undermine President Trump.

    Keep in mind another "far right" anti-semetic (and anti just about everything else) group, the KKK. Democrats all, from their inception forward to this day. And they voted democrat as well. Once in a while they too show up to undermine a republican.
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    Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.