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Illegal immigrant, MS-13 gang member arrested by ICE in credible death threat against NYPD

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    Illegal immigrant, MS-13 gang member arrested by ICE in credible death threat against NYPD

    So, is he going to get released right away? Did the NYPD violate his rights? Is that how the Feds got him? Sorry, I couldn’t copy the whole thing, more at the link.

    BRONX, NY- We’ve just learned that federal immigration officials have made an arrest in what’s being described as a ‘credible death threat’ against NYPD.

    That individual is an MS-13 gang member.

    Late Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents brought in Armando Clemente-Ramos.

    Our sources at NYPD tell us he’s one of the men suspected of threatening officers in the 41st Precinct and elsewhere in the Bronx.

    “It’s a gang that wants to make sure they are part of the action,” our source told us. “It doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us.”

    Local media outlets are reporting that the gang member was identified through “immigration-related leads”. It’s not clear at this point how the threat came in, but we’re told it wasn’t through social media.

    Clemente-Ramos is an illegal immigrant. He’s currently being held on immigration-related charges by the feds, we’re told.

    Local media is reporting the arrest was made to just “get the guy off the street”, and that other charges might be coming.

    As we reported earlier Thursday, there’s now a credible threat of assassinations on NYPD officers.

    The information was put out on Thursday by the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (SBA) of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

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    NYPD is a much bigger gang than MS-13
    Bring it Pedro.......


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        Felix Nava Da


          The 41st pct, Fort Apache. My dad grew up there, on Fox St.
          It had been bad for so many years then it got gentrified. Looks like it is a swear once again.


            Lock him in a box with bigbird for a week.


              Fake news. No gangs in NY. Only God’s children with sparks of divinity.

              Man, I wish you guys and gals would start paying attention!
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                Armando Clemente-Ramos? Doesn't he pitch for the Yankees?
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                  Originally posted by warmnfuzzy View Post
                  Felix Nava Da
                  Via condios, my darling...

                  Oh, and who is FELIX nava da and why should we care?


                    Originally posted by bigbore44 View Post
                    Lock him in a box with bigbird for a week.
                    That would be cruel and unusual punishment. Better off to tie him by his ball sack and drag him over broken glass behind a diesel rolling coal. ...oh in stop and go traffic