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Dems officially own NYC forever now

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    I fail to understand the logic.
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      Originally posted by Grifhunter View Post
      Effectively, this changes nothing. So they win City elections by 90% rather than the 75% they get now. The fun will happen when Hispanics become the dominant ethnicity, and freeze out all the blacks from political appointments and jobs.
      Maybe an influx if Haitians from the border will fix that?



        Harmonic commented
        11-23-2021, 09:03 PM
        That's why they don't frame it as a "tax".

        NOTE: The payment required by Section
        1127 of the New York City Charter is not
        a payment of any City tax, but is a payment made to the City as a condition of
        employment. If you are subject to the filing requirements of the City Resident
        Income Tax during any part of 2020, you
        must file tax returns with the New York
        State Department of Taxation and Finance
        in the manner and at the time provided in
        the instructions for the State tax forms,
        regardless of any obligation you may
        have under Section 1127 of the Charter.

        I'm not too sure when that section came into effect, but I had to check an old pay stub:

        City Pay Stub.jpg

        Not only does the top say, "THE CITY OF NEW YORK, payroll management system, employee pay statement", but if you look, we paid a City Tax AND a City Waiver......"Taxation without representation".
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        • Finicky Fat Guy
          Finicky Fat Guy commented
          Editing a comment
          Sorry, I was just referencing the Fed and State as a clarification. If you had been a resident of NYC you would had $46.41 withheld for NYC Resident Inc. Tax. If instead of working for the NYPD you had worked for Dewey, Cheadum & Howe, Attorneys at Law or the Accounting Firm of Scruem and Cheet, or as a clerk at Pedro O’Mallys Pizzaria, or any other private sector job, you would have paid the Non-Resident Income Tax of $6.50. The “Waiver” is the city clawing back the tax you avoided by living outside the city.

        • Harmonic
          Harmonic commented
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          Great explanation by FFG. The 6.50 confused me at first but I just realized that it was indeed the old "commuter tax".

        • Dan 0351
          Dan 0351 commented
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          Glad you understood that - now you can explain it to me, lol.

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