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Zacarese conceded today

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    Originally posted by mossy930spx View Post

    I'd rather have a zacarese win.

    Would be nice to win a battle in the polls.
    We did win a battle. We lost the war for Sheriff perhaps but the SAFE Act voting, lying scumbag douche nozzle chosen by the RINO scum that has their collective head up Cuomo's ass lost.
    The RINOs really didn't expect us to still be paying attention and stay pissed at their betrayal from 2013.
    No offense to Zacarese at all but the most important thing for me was that Phil Boyle lose the primary. And he did.
    He lost it I believe because we got out the vote.
    We can make a difference in primaries and I believe we did in this one.


      And now phony Baloney Has control of all the Suffolk Law agencies. His Boy is DA, he picks the New Police Commissioner, and a P.C. sheriff , that used to work under him
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      Better to have A gun in your hand, then a Cop on the phone