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    Treat them like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers. Everyone IS replaceable.
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      As someone who has friends at the LIRR, I suggest the general public check for themselves about how top heavy the place is. Productivity and OT are the responsibility of managers. If either productivity or OT are not acceptable, fire the manager/managers responsible.
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        Anyone with a good tie into wall street should pick their brain a bit. They have investments used as a basically off grid account that they use to play the budget deficit game. It's complete bullshit. There is no deficit.

        Also, let's not forget the disability... if you recall, I think it was what 6 people that got busted. 94 or 96% retired due to injury and 6 people get busted? Where's the rest? They only got busted because the fucking idiot's, out on disability from using a hole punch, kept getting the same tee time at bethpage black. When other golfers bitched, they found the starter was on the take and I think he was also an mta guy joking up his buddies that could golf every week but couldn't any longer punch tickets.