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Ikhan Omar - Treasoness B$%^H!!!!

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    Ikhan Omar - Treasoness B$%^H!!!!

    Do we still hang those convicted of treason? That would be fanfuckingtastic for this bitch!

    Candadian businessman said Omar relayed sensitive information to Iran through Qatar

    US Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar is a foreign agent on a Qatari payroll, a Florida court heard in a sworn testimony, according to Monday's report by the English edition of Al Arabiya.

    The news agency says it got hold of an October 23 deposition by Alan Bender, a Kuwait-born businessman from Canada, testifying in a case against the Qatari emir's brother, verified by the plaintiff's attorney.

    According to Bender, he met with three top Qatari officials, including the Emir for Security Affairs' secretary, and was told that Omar is "the crown jewel" among US politicians recruited by Qatar.

    The three allegedly claimed that Ilhan owed her current position to the Qatari money bankrolling her campaign.

    In his testimony, Al Arabiya reports, the businessman said that Omar made use of her position within the US House of Representatives to recruit other politicians.

    She also supposedly shared sensitive information with Qatar, which in turn relayed it to Iran.

    The Minnesota representative, a clear favorite with Qatari state media, is no stranger to controversies.

    In October, she was accused of having an affair with a married campaign aide; before that, she became one of the few freshman representatives barred from visiting Israel.

    Bit more info in this article below.

    US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was recruited by a foreign government, passed sensitive information that was relayed to Iran, and received funding by a foreign government, according to a sworn deposition by a Canadian businessman in a Florida court.

    In explosive testimony made by video link from Toronto, Canada to a Florida District Court on October 23, Kuwaiti-born Alan Bender claims to have deep ties with governments and royal officials across the Middle East including Qatar. In his statement, he says he met Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad and two other senior Qatari officials.

    The three allegedly claimed credit for the meteoric rise of Omar, saying: “If it wasn't for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends,” according to Bender’s sworn deposition. The deposition was obtained by Al Arabiya English and authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs.

    Bender was subpoenaed in a lawsuit against the Qatari emir’s brother, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, who stands accused of ordering his American bodyguard to murder two people and holding his hired American paramedic prisoner. In his deposition, Bender testifies about his meetings with Al-Masnad and other Qatari officials in which they mentioned the Sheikh Khalid case, and discusses Qatar’s campaign to influence Western politicians.

    In the testimony, Bender claims to have been asked to recruit American politicians and journalists to be Qatari assets. He says he objected and the Qatari officials responded by saying that several American politicians and journalists were already on the payroll—most prominently Omar, who was allegedly described as the “jewel of the crown”, according to the deposition.

    The controversial congresswoman has already been found to have broken campaign finance rules. The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board ruled in June that Omar violated state campaign finance rules by improperly using campaign money for out-of-state travel while serving as a state representative. In addition, Conservative group Judicial Watch has called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate Omar for alleged offences including immigration fraud, the New York Post reported in July. Last week, the New York Post reported that Omar paid $150,000 to a political consulting group where Tim Mynett is a partner in the three months after the newspaper revealed that the pair were romantically involved.

    Bender’s accusations go much further. According to his testimony, Al-Masnad said that Qatar “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official.… They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her.” For her part, Omar cooperated with the Qataris and received cash payments, he alleges in the deposition.

    American and Turkish media previously reported that Omar met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a key supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, when she was a junior state representative in Minnesota in 2017. According to Bender, Omar met Erdogan and allegedly swore allegiance to him.

    Bender claims that once Omar took office, she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information which she relayed to Qatar, and through them to Iran.

    According to Bender’s deposition, Omar’s role in the Qatari influence campaign is crucial. She actively recruited other politicians on behalf of Qatar, he said in the deposition. The Qataris claimed that “the best thing money can buy are American officials because they are the cheapest of the cheapest costing officials in the world,” according to his sworn testimony.

    Move along, nothing to see here.
    Trump, Trump, Trump.


      i have a ruler they can slap her hand once with


        shes a spy and hates America


          What ever happened to the CIA ? I thought they quietly handled problems like this.


            Originally posted by FastPhil View Post
            What ever happened to the CIA ? I thought they quietly handled problems like this.
            When was the last time you hear the CIA did anything? or where in any headlines, or CAUGHT anybody


              Nothing will happen.

              Lawless congress will lawless.


                What a shock, eh?
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                  Like her being a traitor is a fucking surprise?
                  if it is you're an idiot, or living under a rock.
                  BTW, she's not the only traitor in Congress.
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                    (I like posting this one here. When I post it on FB it usually gets me a 30 day ban for "hate speech".)

                    I am not armed out of fear of who's in front of me.
                    I am armed out of love of those behind me.

                    Anyone who says money doesn't matter to them is either a FOOL or a LIAR or BOTH!


                      Originally posted by LiDad View Post
                      (I like posting this one here. When I post it on FB it usually gets me a 30 day ban for "hate speech".)

                      Yeah.. FB has a problem with anything other than their version of the truth


                        get the rope


                          Originally posted by FastPhil View Post
                          What ever happened to the CIA ? I thought they quietly handled problems like this.
                          They used to-The Information Age has a downside. She would have had an accident a long time ago
                          Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


                            I read that three of the four "squad" assholes are facing ethics violations.
                            I read (regularly) that senators whoever has been found to committing some egregious something or other.
                            I read (although you) have to dig for these) how much tax money is spent settling sexual harassment cases by the senators.

                            And they are not held accountable even slightly close to how any regular citizen would be.
                            And they just get richer and richer and dirtier and dirtier.

                            I'm sick of this shit.

                            What the hell have we done?


                              nothing will ever come of this.