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BLM Vancouver demands removal of police float from Pride Parade

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    BLM Vancouver demands removal of police float from Pride Parade

    Black Lives Matter Vancouver demands removal of police float from Pride Parade

    A Canadian Black Lives Matter chapter demanded a police float be removed from the Vancouver Pride Parade in an open letter Friday to police and march organizers.

    Black Lives Matter Vancouver wrote that the Vancouver Police Department should agree to a “voluntary withdrawal” from the July 31 LGBT pride event “as a symbolic gesture and actual sign of support for Indigenous, PoC and Black communities.”

    “Having the Vancouver Police Department on the ground to perform a civil service is understandable,” the letter said. “Having the institution participate on a float in the organized festivities of the actual parade is inappropriate and insulting to those who came before us to make Pride celebrations possible, some of who even died for the cause.”

    Organizers with the Vancouver Pride Society had said earlier in the week that events like the Pride Parade “would not be possible without the support of our partners, including law enforcement.”

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    Vancouver Police Sgt. Randy Fincham told The Canadian Press the department is aware of the letter and officials plan to meet with organizers and protesters to resolve the matter. (
    “We continue to work with all communities to build a more inclusive Vancouver, and protect the rights of all those who live, work and play in the city," Fincham said in an email.

    The Black Lives Matter activists said they were standing in solidarity with Toronto Black Lives Matter protesters who stopped a Pride Parade earlier this month until organizers gave in to their demand that police not participate in future years.

    The Vancouver activists plan to accept an invitation to act as grand marshal for the Vancouver Dyke March the day before the Pride Parade instead. Yet the activists offered an alternative to the police float at the Pride event.

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    “We propose that a representative public service float, including police officers, firefighters, paramedics and others replaces the police-only float,” the open letter said. “This would still include officers who would like to participate. The float would no longer represent the police force as an institution that has been and remains fundamental to the perpetuation of structural violence against Black and brown bodies in North America.” (Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
    Representatives for the Vancouver Pride Society didn’t immediately respond Monday to a request for comment on the idea.

    The Society had released a statement three days before the open letter saying no organizations had requested that police be excluded from the parade but that organizers understood a police presence “may create barriers for some members of our community.”

    “Criticism is a gift that offers an opportunity to do better for our organization and our community,” organizers said. “We have heard concerns about Pride's inclusiveness and diversity; we see those comments as such an opportunity. In the coming months Pride looks forward to respectful dialogue with other organizations and the broader community to work to address these issues. We can and will do better together.

    A Canadian Black Lives Matter chapter demanded a police float be removed from the Vancouver Pride Parade in an open letter Friday.
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    But BLM and Gays would both insist on being represented in a parade for the police (if there is such a thing anymore).
    Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


      So...they've basically just confirmed what we already know. They're an anti-law enforcement hate group. Well done.

      Oh, I also love the black power fist pump too. Yeah, non-violent and peaceful. Guess which group used to do liberation army. And guess what they were...a violent, racist, anti-police terrorist organization.
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        So the Canucks are poisoned with that cancer on society also.
        "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" R.R.


          I traveled to Vancouver the week after 9-11 and had the opportunity to meet some members of Vancouver PD. They were on the street rallying and collecting money to send to NYC to help the families of LEOs affected by the attack. It was heartwarming to me to see this kind of love and solidarity and speak to these men who cared so much for their counterparts in NY. They don't deserve this.

          They're not good enough to participate but they'll be permitted to work the event? These people need to be stopped. They are a hate group and the sooner we realize this the sooner we can work to contain them.


            So it's not just the United States , it's "structural violence against Black and brown bodies in North America.”
            I would love to see the BLM movement try to pull this crap in Mexico.


              I think a fair deal is they don't participate and they don't respond to any calls for help by the LGBT movement. I am guessing that they are playing the victim card to the LBGT to garner more support. They were protecting BLM's right to protest in Dallas, and look how that turned out. If the gays want to join up with anti LE groups, they need to taste life without LE coming to their aid. It will never happen, because LE has to much honor to stop doing their jobs, but wouldn't it be awesome?
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                B l m - f o a d


                  I bet when there demands aren't met they're gonna shoot the place up..


                    Go here and tell me if black lives really matter to blacks?
                    Illustrating the murders, homicides, gun crime, gun violence, filth, corruption, obscenity, idiocy, moronic buffoonery, barbaric crime of Chicago.
                    SHADAP VARMINT!