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So Trump is about to endorse PAUL RYAN?

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    So Trump is about to endorse PAUL RYAN?

    Originally posted by Cold Beverages
    Sorry to double post but just saw this -

    It appears that Trump extracted a concession from Paul Ryan.

    "Ryan: TPP doesn't have support for House vote this year"
    As far as the TPP (and other trade deals, including NAFTA)) goes, I am in favor of international trade - countless economists have touted that enhanced trade not only lifts incomes (= education, technology, living standards, etc.) in participating countries through trade and investment but also countries realize commonaities in trade which helps facilitate conflict resolution; The protectionist platform about raising or implementing tariffs will simply mean that many imported items will cost Americans that much more. Instead of being able to buy imported TV's for $300 they will cost $450. And if you want to buy an American -made TV, because of wage and environmental costs, that same TV will cost $2000.

    However, if you really want to get worked up, for those of you who have not read the TPP (or other trade deals) you might take a look at what is called the ISDS (Investor - State Dispute Settlement). Essentially, the ISDS says that a company can sue a governemnt for lost profits:

    Example: Germany has decided to do away with its nuclear power industry (including dismantling existing plants) after Fukushima, A Swedish company, Vattenfall, that produces and sells components for nuclera plants is sueing Germany for hundreds of millions of dollars for profits it would have otherwise realized over the next 20 years.

    Example: a Canadian (US/Canadian) mining company, Pacific Rim, is suing the government of El Salvador because El Salvador, concerned about envirnomental impact of chemicals (which are used extensively in mining), is witholding permits. An initial award against El Salvador equals the equivalent of 50% of the annual Salvadorean annual environment and national resources budget.

    Example: Lone Pine Resources (a USA company), is suing the Canadian government for $250 million over Quebec’s moratorium on natural gas fracking, which applies equally to foreign and domestic companies. Lone Pine argues it was not consulted before the ban nor compensated for its wasted investment or loss of potential revenue.

    A country like Canada having to fork over millions may or may not not seem like a big deal but there are countless smaller countries that can ill-afford these kinds of judgements, expecially when the lawsuit is brought counter to the larger public service interests being defended.

    Example: If a Vietnamese restaurant company opens a chain of restaurants in Calif and at the time the min wage is $8/hr, and then Calif raises the minimum wage to $15, the Vietnamese copany can sue the [US] government for 'lost' profits.

    Amazingly, the USA has not been the target of many ISDS lawsuits yet.

    Even more interesting is the fact that ISDS has been part of international trade deals for about 50 years. The initial intent after WWII was to encourage foreign investment in countries whose stability was questionable (i.e. fear that in-country assets could be nationalized) so the ISDS was intended to encourage foreign investments by providing a comfort level. It is only in the last few years that companies are starting to focus on employing the ISDS. In fact, is is a niche and growing industry within the legal community.


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    Originally posted by Cold Beverages
    Kill yourself.
    it would be quicker than the slow death of freedom and liberty coming under a tyrannical Trump presidency.


      Originally posted by Left NY

      The strategy to reverse the decline is to become more moderate. Stop trying to go so far right. People font want it. Some fools thing Romney lost because he was too moderate! On what planet? He lost because he wasn't moderate enough.
      it's easier for the left since they are selling a product that vastly more folks want. The more to the right we go, the more people we lose. It's just a numbers game.

      America is Not a Conservative Nation: More Voters Identify as Democrats than Republicans
      By Jason Easley on Tue, Jan 8th, 2013 at 3:26 pm

      The mainstream media and the Republican Party both operate as if an American conservative majority actually exists. (It may feel like there is a conservative majority, because conservatives have been very effective at dominating everything from talk radio to cable news.) The reality is that the media and Republican Party both devote an outsized amount of resources to the Fox News niche audience, while ignoring 99.5% of the country.

      The Republican decision to embrace extreme conservatism has caused their banishment to the fringe of national politics. By understanding that America isn’t a conservative nation, Democrats have embraced moderates and moved them and the country to the left.

      By its own choosing conservatism is becoming a fringe movement, while the bulk of the nation resides in the center/left. Conservatives aren’t “losing” the country. The country is moving forward without them. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n62384[/ATTACH]
      Funny slamming conservatives, because the entire DNC and platform has been hijacked by the minority extreme liberal left side of the party, absolutely ramrodding its policy through the use of super delegates and huge donors. The Democrats who are for a strong America, enforcing all the constitutionally grated rights evenly for ALL citizens, of ALL colors and religions, yet promoting a strong saftey net for society through reasonable government programs, has become extinct.
      Hunter, NRA Life Member, NYS Deplorable


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        The Constitution of the United States of America is not far right.