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    Another one bites the dust

    Splash another Hillary "acquaintance". The Iranian spy/nuke scientist Shahram Amiri, was apparently hanged by our dear friends, the benevolent and humane government of Iran. You know, the guys we just dropped $400,000,000 on for a hostage release. You know, the guys we are giving $145,000,000,000 to not build nukes, so they can build nukes more quickly. You know, the guys who captured and humiliated 2 US Navy boat crews in violation of International law. You know, the guys who have mock ups of US Carriers for target practice in the Persian Gulf. Yeah, those guys.
    The guy was discussed in Hillary emails hacked and dumped from her private server. He was paid $5,000,000 as an incentive to talk to our FBI and CIA, took off back to his homeland where he was publicaly celebrated as a double agent and has now been strung up by the neck.
    Who knows what contact or information this guy may have had relating to the Honorable former SecState and FLOTUS. One thing is fer sure, it sux to be on the wrong end of anything Bill or Killary Clinton.

    gotta run now and put my tinfoil hat back on the shelf until next time ๐Ÿ˜‹

    He "disappeared" in 2009 and now he's been hanged. Wonder who gave him up...couldn't have been the Secretary Of State...
    โ€œJustice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin


      Clinton Death Toll +1

      She's definitely a job creator, consistently statistically showing she keeps people working..

      The police, FBI, morticians, hitmen, Clinton Foundation Accountants, privately hired IT personel, "cleaners", private pilots flying her to fundraisers, side chicks for Bill..
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        Sounds like an episode of Homeland. The only difference is we don't have to guess who the real traitor is...
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          Originally posted by MSA77 View Post
          Sounds like an episode of Homeland. The only difference is we don't have to guess who the real traitor is...
          Vince Foster approves of this message.

          The preceding message was made possible by a grant from the makers of Trazodone, along with cooperation from Ken Starr.
          The escape is complete. The inventor of Hawk fishing. (soon to be seen on ESPN 8 the Ocho)