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Freeport - shotgun

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    Freeport - shotgun

    Anyone know if we are allowed to shoot shotguns at the pit area? Couldn't find answer in by-laws. (or maybe I'm blind!l


    Slugs only.
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      Originally posted by Postal Bob View Post
      Slugs only.
      Great, thanks Bob.

      Bought a new shotgun and want to test it out.




        10. Outdoor Range

        a. Covered Points

        The regular covered firing line, points 1-20, is at the 25 yard line and has priority over all other firing lines. It has metal frames that can house a backer and target on furring strips. All shooters will fire at the same distance. Only one backer is allowed, Shooters provide their own furring strips, backer and targets. Only handguns and .22 rifles can be used on points 1-20.

        b. Sand Pit Area

        To the right of points 1-20 is the Sand Pit Area and it is used for firing all other firearms. No target in the Sand Pit Area shall have its top edge higher than 6 feet above the ground. No plinking, no glass or other fragmenting types of targets are allowed. Only reactive steel plates, self sealing or paper targets are allowed. Bow and arrow or shotguns with slugs may be used from the 25yd line in the sand pit area only, no bird shot. When you are finished shooting, remove your targets and brass.



          Not sure why I clicked on bylaws instead of range safety rules.