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So I went to the range....

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    So I went to the range....

    I work 7 days a week and im usually spent so I don't get nearly as much time as I should at the range.

    With that said I took an hour off work, packed the range bag and left. Stupidly, I left one of my pistols behind and only got to train on one. No worries there.

    So to the actual story.

    A guy walks in, quite cordial, which is a change from what I usually encounter. So I say hello and go back to my point after cleaning up my shells.

    The gentleman says to me, "is it ok if I leave two down there?"

    Not understanding what he was asking, I had a blank 'dunno' look on my face.

    I take one of my ears off and he says again, "is it ok if I leave two guns down there?" And he points beneath the bench. I don't work here I replied.

    He then proceeds to unload 3 rifles from his gear. Places them all on the rack, then goes back to his point.

    Ok I'll speed it up.

    I go to look at the rifles from a distance then ask, since I'm looking to start looking at rifles, what caliber they were. I know it's a newbie thing but I'm still in awe that someone was talking to me. .223 -5.56 and I just finished building that one he says.

    An RO walks in and sees me admiring his weaponry and says to the cordial gentleman, "is that a fixed mag?" , And the man replies only that one. The RO then says on all racked rifles, unloaded and action open.

    The RO then picks up each rifle and confirms they were safe.

    Not thinking more of it, I go back to my point, finish the ammo I had left then packed up.

    On my way out, the RO says to me, thanks for that. I can't always see everything and if you ever feel unsafe, we need to know.

    Then I get to thinking. Obviously this gentleman with the rifles was in direct violation of the range rules and the RO was kinda tweaked about it.

    While I never felt unsafe or paid much attention to whether the rifles we're fixed or removable, which I probably should of, he was in violation of the rules.

    What would some of you who are more seasoned have done?

    My intent here is not to be a jack but gain familiarity with the overall census so I can avoid making mistakes like this in the future.

    Rifles should be unloaded and actions open while in the rack. I’m sure the RO assumed that you were asking him if his rifle was loaded being that it had a (fixed) mag inserted.

    Perhaps that’s what prompted the RO to ask the guy if the mag was fixed, meaning he could not remove the mag and therefore it was ok as long as the action was open.

    Just another problem as a result of the UNSAFE Act.

    I was actually worried as I was reading your post that you were going to say that he notified the police because only one of his rifles had a fixed mag. That would’ve made for an interesting thread.


      I wouldn’t worry about it.
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        Safety is everyone’s job. We are all responsible for ourselves AND for being aware of what’s happening around us.

        I like that that he left 2 unattended handguns with a stranger more than the mag question.


          You should always be nervous at a public range..... It's amazing the stupidity that goes on. Guys who carelessly wave guns around, muzzling everyone with the "what? I ain't loaded" stupidity when confronted.. the tacticool twit at Mitchell field who just HAS to step back from the shooting points with his AR so he can do his shuffle drill and take a whole 3 steps while shooting (idiot, you've got your muzzle BEHIND other shooters - you ARE a fool).

          And YES you should pay attention to other's rifles on the rack to see they are open/unloaded.... after all, YOU are in front of those rifles...


            I"m one of those guys who thinks open bolt indicators are a common courtesy.

            Maybe I just got yelled at enough in my youth. I still vividly recall a safety briefing that went "I've had plenty of professionals try to kill me.....I'll be really pissed if an amateur does it by accident"
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              I wouldnt worry about it either.

              When I had a fixed mag, I would always let the RO know prior to uncasing it. Just as a curtesy as well.


                Originally posted by Dank27 View Post
                .... I would always let the RO know prior to uncasing it. Just as a curtesy as well.


                  Just another instance where fixed mag can be a safety issue.
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