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Why you don't go to Calverton?

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    To me it's like undisciplined kids ignorant of the fact they are being disruptive in public, if the parents don't do anything about it I'll educate the child to their misbehavior right in front of the parents. Too bad no one offered to lend a hand to teach seƱor dipshit to educate his girlfriend instead of videotaping her. IMHO she didn't break 180 deg and held onto the firearm. I have seen people much more skilled then I am during comps break 180/muzzle sweep/ drop their pistol or reholster in unsafe manners. Safety can never be complacent. Women and children will be how we win these battles with anti's it's up to all of us to spend time introduce , educate and bring them to the range with us. I have spent whole range sessions without shooting while introducing skeptical men & women the safety and basic marksmanship skills to enjoy it for themselves. My Ex even commented a few times how I changed the perception of some anti 2A Co-workers about firearms.
    A .45acp says go away in any language ~ Clint Smith