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Child friendly indoor range?

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    Originally posted by Pat M View Post
    7-e. Possession and use of a pistol or revolver, at an indoor or outdoor pistol range located in or on premises owned or occupied by a duly incorporated organization organized for conservation purposes or to foster proficiency in small arms or at a target pistol shooting competition under the auspices of or approved by an association or organization described in paragraph 7-a of this subdivision for the purpose of loading and firing the same by a person at least fourteen years of age but under the age of twenty-one who has not been previously convicted of a felony or serious offense, and who does not appear to be, or pose a threat to be, a danger to himself or to others; provided however, that such possession shall be of a pistol or revolver duly licensed to and shall be used under the immediate supervision, guidance and instruction of, a person specified in paragraph seven of this subdivision.
    thanks, I thought I had copied and pasted both !


      Originally posted by Barnslayer View Post

      I didn't know that. But I guess there's a cutoff age. I.E. , I can't take my daughter to the range to shoot handguns because she's 30 yrs old, even though I'm both a parent and an instructor?
      In NY, it's 21.


        Originally posted by Volkosupply View Post
        Roslyn Club, indoor range , Westbury/New Cassel , has their saturday morning junior program in full swing , this is position small bore shooting ,
        instructors , loaner rifles, jackets, mats , scopes , ect , are there for use
        I know kids that went thru this program, a few went on to achieve Distinguished Rifle badge , the Presidents 100 tab, and most fun , be swing shooters
        and winning team members of the national trophy Infantry Teams Match
        This is the the range and program that I attended every Saturday morning as a kid. Good times.