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Sunday Morning Decision

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    Sunday Morning Decision

    I had a tough decision this morning. I mean really hard. I had to ponder for quite a while, and the entire drive out east.
    A) Go to Calverton, and get blasted by the hot sun all day. Come home sun burnt.
    B) Go to Brookhaven, and get yelled at all day. But at least I'm in the shade.

    I ended up at Brookhaven, the range was packed. The benches are so close together. I mean tight. Every bench was filled.
    The RO's weren't that bad today. They must have done all their yelling yesterday. Except just once, I wasn't cleaning up fast enough for the old man.

    We need to get the local boy scout troop to build a roof at Calverton. This way were not baking in the hot sun.

    Have tried at Calverton. Bunch of people volunteered months ago and Harry just doesn't want the help. Going to clean up the targets, the benches, all the brass, etc. for free. And he said no.
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      Silly man! Drag yourself to Horrible Freight, buy a 6 foot market umbrella, some bungee cords and strap it the bench, problem solved!


        Ha, Lex decided last night that today was a Church day.

        So rather than shoot I got to Long Beach for 5:45 AM, surfed until 6:30, and then got home with coffee and fresh baked goods just in time for Lex and baby to wake up.

        I didn't get to shoot, but I still won.
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