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    Originally posted by NG9588 View Post

    Sometimes for shits and giggles we try to hit clays with the shockwave upstate LOL
    I've always wanted to try hitting clays with a 9mm pistol. I think I could do it eventually.

    It would be like Daniel-san catching a fly with chopsticks - I'd have beginner's luck but never be able to do it again.


      Originally posted by VietVet View Post

      I remember Nellie being in that tower.
      My friend said her name was Mary and we always called her that! Oh well! LOL


        Back in the 80's I remember someone pulling out an old fridge from a pick up and putting it down range. He then went to every firing point and told everyone when the line goes hot aim at the fridge. This was the hey day of military surplus so everything from ak's to M1'S were on that line plus a smattering of 12 gauge shotguns. When nellie gave the command . something close to 50 rifles and shotguns were trained on that fridge. It just disintegrated. Everyone had a huge smile on there faces. Then Nellie borrowed an M1 and she got her licks in too. Those were some fun days. So many cool people talking guns and shooting. Very common for someone to let you try his gun. Closet thing now is freeport.


          Originally posted by raceradam View Post

          No idiots with 18.5" SD shotguns trying to shoot clays with slugs?
          Actually there was a group that had about 7-8 shotguns, among them were 2 SD guns and one Shockwave. Thankfully they were using shot and not slugs. The Shockwave got put away quickly when they realized they couldn't hit a damn thing with it.