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Magpul Saiga Rifle Project, pics

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    I am up for one of these, if you are going to print and sell some.


      Question - how strong do these things need to be?


        I would also be interested.


          I’ve got two test prints done - going to tweak one more thing in the support settings and I think it’ll be good.

          it’s a good question on how strong they need to be, I’ve made these tests in pla but I think abs plastic will be better suited for this purpose, and more durable

          before I go selling them, definitely want someone with a Saiga to test fit.


            Destro Allright - I am pretty happy with the 3rd one. its 100% infill, so a completely solid piece. All 3 are in PLA, i will want to print this in ABS for the final, but I am happy to send you these 3 to test fit.


              Originally posted by Eagle13 View Post
              Destro Allright - I am pretty happy with the 3rd one. its 100% infill, so a completely solid piece. All 3 are in PLA, i will want to print this in ABS for the final, but I am happy to send you these 3 to test fit.
              Hi, sent you a dm with a shipping address. Would be happy to test them and take plenty of pics of fit/look on a few of my saigas and post them here. Thanks!


                Got the 3D printer mock-ups. Big thanks to Eagle13

                The fit is great on the mossberg side of things. I currently don't have a Mossy SGA Magpul stock (have 2 Rem 870 versions and a mossy version is on the way) but as you can see with the wooden mossberg 500 stock it fits great. I did read the screw may need to be cut (will update that as I cross that bridge).

                The main concerns are (and I re-read the calguns thread from the original designer of the printer file)

                1. How is will fit into the trunnion. The STL file out there was created without the little tab that slips into the trunnion for stablization (and a snugger fit) but from using many Saiga stocks they usually fit tight anyway and it shouldn't be an issue. You can see the Saiga-side of the adapter next to the zombie green and Russian red wood Saiga stocks.

                2. The tangs. The original designer cut his top rear tang on the Saiga receiver 1/4" to fit the SGA stock flush. A thicker adapter design would make for an awkward grip. However, another calguns member inlet on the SGA Stock side by removing material so dremelling the plastic seems a rather do-able step.

                3. Point of strength. I plan on doing a cast with silicone and pouring an epoxy cast of one of the adapters and with one set screw I think we should be fine. I run my saiga shark-fin stocks (the factory sporter stocks) with a tight fit and no screws--and they handle the recoil just fine on .223, 5.45mm, and 7.62.

                Will continue the update in the near future with the final fitment and then do some shop tests, followed by a range test.





                  Really interested in how this project turns out.


                    This is so cool to see, and it gets the Destro photo treatment.

                    I can edit the file that’s out there in the wild if you’d like to try a version with the tab. Will just need some accurate measurements. I’ve got calipers to measure and can amend the file as needed, but I’ll also do some digging see if I can find dimensions online:

                    Definitely test fire with the solid, heavier one. The lighter ones were for test fitting and beating the hell out of in case they were too snug or needed...convincing.

                    This is very satisfying for to see. Things came out of my basement just a few days ago.



                      - waiting on a Magpul SGA stock. I had 2 extra rem870 SGAs but alas this adapter design was based on the mossy stock and all the quick sources like midway, Amazon, are all sold out.

                      - will set up an epoxy resin cast for these using a silicone mold.

                      - an interesting note: the original adapter designer (member on calguns) was blocked by ATI from manufacturing it since they held a very broad patent pending on saiga stock adapters but that expired last year. The member decided the cost of the project for him wouldn’t yield a return.

                      in any case will have the updates/ fitment pics soon.


                        Could someone manufacture out of aluminum? Not sure the economies of this, but would be awesome if we could do a group buy.