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how to start Monday right at Volko Supply

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    how to start Monday right at Volko Supply

    So I stroll into the shop this morning and couldn't help but notice a smirk on Rone's face. Conversation went like this:

    V: "Good morning!"
    R: "Good morning."
    R: "Go guess what's at your desk".

    I"m like great....this can go one of two ways.

    There's a long gun in a green sock leaned up against my desk. Dad goes "guess what's in it?"

    We keep a few things in socks so I'm usually pretty good at this. I grab the muzzle, and get a feel for the sight. With that bit of tactile knowledge I instantly reached for the foreend and knew.

    V: "It's the M22 Springfield. What, you felt like shooting some good old fashioned small bore this weekend?"
    R: "it's an M22 Springfield, but.....
    V: "you found another one?!" <starts taking off gun sock>

    Apparently Dad stumbled into something Sunday. A club he belongs to was selling the old training rifles to fund new ones. From what we can figure this rifle probably hasn't been shot in forever.

    If you have done a transfer at Volko, you probably have figured out Milsurps are kind of Rone's thing. If you have gotten anything from the CMP, chances are Rone has taken the thing apart in front of you so he could see the components. What you may or may not have known is that Rone is also big into training rifles, and one of the ones we always had was a M22. It was actually the rifle I started shooting competitively with, and that wound up going pretty well for me.

    So here you go, M22 Springfield from 1935. Steel, Walnut, and aperture sights. I need to do some reading but I'm pretty sure this is one of the originals that was then changed, at least what I can figure looking at an overstamp. More to come, but I have work to do and baby dishes to clean.

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    Nice 👍🏻


      Very nice!
      Pat ------> NRA Lifetime Endowment Member #FAAFO


        A piece of history, pictures AND a relevant story to with it all, NICE! Thanks for posting.


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          yah, we're shooters. Well Rone still shoots every weekend....I chase my daughter around most of the time but should have a few passes coming up.

        Very nice ... Lucky you . I love a good gun story ... 😅😥😰😢😎



          Nice find Rone. Good luck with it Vic