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    Beautiful, I'm jelly. Good luck with it.


      Originally posted by OldGarandDad View Post
      Any electro-pencil mark on the receiver legs? I can get you information on that too. Some collectors collect the arsenal rebuilds with certain arsenals being more sought out than others. I have a pre-WWII, 614xxx M1 with TE-67 on the leg. The TE stands for Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) in Utah and the rifle was rebuilt in 1967, most likely for issuance to a National Guard unit before it went to the CMP and ultimately to me.
      receiver legs

      Op rod

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        stamped or painted numbers on the stock are a rack number, rack numbers have been used since the late 1800's, most times put on garrison open squad racks or arms room rifles , helped to find your rifle at a glance and made doing the 'sensitive items check' report go a lot faster
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