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    Originally posted by cas View Post
    A gun with an original barrel will have more collector value. A new barrel will have more value as a shooter. But..,

    ..."value" is a relative term. even though not the purpose, you could easily resell any of them for more than you paid the CMP, so it's really up to what you want. So don't worry about "value" there. It may not matter much in real life.
    The 1950s H&R Greek return Service Grade I received years ago shot 2" groups at 100 yds with my hand loads. I would go Service Grade for authenticity, and have a new barrel installed if it's a stinker. A friend of mine bought a Blue Sky Garand used for $500. The barrel was completely shot out, so he had Orion install a new barrel and tune it up.

    Edited to add: Damn Pete!


      I think some of you guys are missing the point here. It said WRA Rack grades. The add shared by the OP is for Winchester made M1's. WRA M1's command a higher value then SA or H&R since they were wartime production and less of them were made compared to SA.

      I would like one of these, maybe I'll get off my ass and order one.


        Nice score pilot_pete.


          Winchesters, despite being the crudest made, bring the second highest prices. IHC's are harder to come by.
          I wonder if that will change as time goes by, as people age out and the buyers become those who only know the more modern incarnations of the Winchester brand and their products. Along with the much lower opinion of them.
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