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K98 German Mausers at Classic Firearms this week

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  • Rrudo74901
    These are very expensive for RC's.

    better deals can be had.

    Real, all matching K98 byf44 rifles have recently sold on GB for aoround $1200.00, it's rare but some do. And most of these are bolt Mis matches and rebate led and reblued. Better off looking for a German Mis match that hasn't been altered. If you want a pure shooter, they can be found for a lot less. IDF and Turkish mausers are around for less.

    Not a good deal on these gentlemen.

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  • K98 German Mausers at Classic Firearms this week

    K98 Mausers at Classic Firearms this week. I'm not in the market for one but thought I would pass it along. Prices go from $699 to $1299.
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