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  • VG2

    This is an interesting one.
    At the end of WW2, hitler ordered the formation of the volkssturm or people's army. To equip this army are what are know as the "last ditch" rifles of WW2. Hitler ordered the development of 5 Gau or regions to produce Volksgewehr or people's rifles. This is a VG 2 rifle produced by the Spreewerk plant. These are chambered in the 7.9x57mm (8mm Mauser) round and are vey crudely made from spare parts from other rifles that had not been assembled. I believe this one has an MG13 barrel turned down and was a spare from the Luftwaffe. This particular rifle I am told was captured at the Spreewerk plant by the allied armies and is one of the best known examples in existence and very few have an original sling. Less than 18,000 of these were produced and most were destroyed or lost during the end of the war. I believe there are around 20-25 of these rifles known to still be around today.
    Very cool historic piece.
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    That's a rough looking weapon. Effective range must be very limited, not that they had time to build quality products at that point.


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      It feels like a toy. I wouldn't want to be the first person behind the rifle to fire it. Around the same weight as a crossman air rifle.
      Remember these were just thrown together.