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Henry .44 Mag Custom Brush Gun project - pics

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    Henry .44 Mag Custom Brush Gun project - pics

    Big Boy X-Model .44 Mag/.44 Spcl

    Pictured next to a classic steel Henry Big Boy also in .44 mag.

    At the time of purchase (last year when it was introduced during the pandemic) this was the only Henry model with a side gate available (then those trickled in later in the year and have a case colored coming as well). It also still is the only pistol caliber Henryr lever with a threaded barrel and the tang that accepts the "pistol grip" type of stocks usually on the 45-70s and shotgun models. The project was to go with more traditional earth tones and a modern yet classic mix.

    This won the vote in the Destro project gun poll.

    • Henry walnut PG replacement stock (Ho-18)
    • over-lacquered special paper inlay of Deer/Algiz Rune logo
    • Midwest Industries Henry Big Boy M-lok rail
    • Hoptic aluminum 44 mag cartridge quiver
    • Ranger Point Precision knurled stainless hammer extension
    • Ranger Point precision 44 mag quick detach lever screw
    • Rhino 5" rail mount
    • Duracoat OD
    • Duracoat Aged Bronze
    • Mini Tanker compensator

    Pictured here next to the Marlin Dark 45-70 project gun, also with a Midwest Industries rail, though you can see it runs most of the 16" barrel length on the Marlin, and I wish MI had done that for the Henry versions. The Marlin has a Vortex viper and the Henry has an Eotech 518 for shits and giggles.

    The evolution of the project; with the original config and added accessories on top, and the rail in black with red anodized accessories and the paint job to the final version...







    Completed in the shop, ready for transfer into the vault.


    I want one , no two, no three . Absolutely beautiful !


      You have a great eye.
      Looks awesome.


        No offense, yeah I know lol, doesn’t do a thing for me, actually detracts from original. I get the add shit, need rails, for what besides a light?, IDK.
        I have rifles for the purpose I suppose you intend for the build, so no need to fuck with my leverguns.
        Im glad you’re happy, I just don’t get it, but then I’m an old fucker lol


        • Destro
          Destro commented
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          the original is all plastic furniture. black and has a rail and an mlok slots? how does that "detract from the original?"

          the point of the project was injecting a traditional take into the X-line, which is the only factory Henry PCC that has a pg and short threaded barrel.
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        Originally posted by Scottso View Post
        No offense, yeah I know lol, doesn’t do a thing for me, actually detracts from original. I get the add shit, need rails, for what besides a light?, IDK.
        I have rifles for the purpose I suppose you intend for the build, so no need to fuck with my leverguns.
        Im glad you’re happy, I just don’t get it, but then I’m an old fucker lol
        Sure, that's a to each their own deal and applies to many things in life. (one house I bought the guy put 100K in his traditional kitchen and gloated about it, we ripped that mother out when we bought it LOL).

        I will say that this trend was so popular that all the main lever gun companies introduced version of it commercially in the last 2 years. Henry X-Line (last year), Marlin Dark, Rossi Triple Black, etc.

        There's tons of versions on the 'gram etc. The mlok rail does add plenty of options. etc. In any case I was going for a more muted approach --a way more traditional twist to the black mlok X-line, etc.---and you have to understand I have many traditional levers so I like to fuck around with my guns, some of my weirdest projects get the most attention (like my zombie hi point which made a top 10 list on outdoor hub). I like how it turned out and other seem to, and at this point I do what makes me happy with my gun customizing and that's best for me.





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        • Scottso
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          Oh yeah, new trend, I seen it, friend had the Marlin Dark? 45/70 threaded for a can, in legal state, cool but I’d go another route, to each there own, exactly

        • Destro
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          That's a Marlin Dark 45/70 in the second picture with the .44 mag. And in this post --first pic--with the 2 other 45-70s (Henry All Weather and 1895SBL). Put classic wood stock on it. It's the only 16" big bore Marlin they offer.

        I can see the versatility that the MLok rail adds and there is something about it that does look interesting, but when it comes to levers I guess I’m old school. I like wood with dings and scratches and oil and blueing and color case hardeneing.
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        • Destro
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          Yep got plenty of those (some "traditional" versions from the factory these days are seen as plain jane or boring, but I love my Marlin 1895 SBL and Henry All Weather 45-70). This is a different project. The custom lever niche got so popular it caused Marlin, Rossi and even Henry to release factory versions of them for the first time, including the ultra traditional Henry doing a mlok plastic lever on its guns last year with the X-model. But--obviously-to each their own. Nice thing about these is that in free states the pistol calibers have a good following with the suppressed shooting circuit. The shorter threaded barrels only available on the Marlin Dark series and Henry X-line provides for that--many youtube vids with that.

        Anyway this was the winner of the next project poll, voted on by members with the understanding of this project being what it is. Yes I get everyone has different tastes, that's, well, obvious, you don't need to inform us of that. I kinda feel bad about ripping out the old owner's fancy traditional kitchen (120 grand, he said, his personal design). It is what it is.

        I think it was a more traditional interpretation of the original. (top is Henry factory, bottom is a modernized version w/ trad flair) Anyway I'll shoot the threaded barrel suppressed in my backyard when I move out of NY next year.

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          Where are you headed?


            Originally posted by bberetta1 View Post
            Where are you headed?
            The only state with constitutional carry (concealed or open, no permit, courthouses, schools, car etc.)

            No State income tax.

            No State sales tax.

            No mandated car insurance (inexpensive rates if you want it)

            Less than .8% African American Population

            Last in murder

            3d healthiest state (great healthcare)

            Great Schools

            Least restrictive gun laws (including face to face cash purchases of handguns, no permit, NFA weapons etc)

            Beautiful mountain views, moose and bear hunting in suburbs that are backed up on 1000s of acres of conservation land.

            Half a day trip to LI, 1.75 hours to Boston.

            The Granite State. I've looked a few trips and my wife's friend has family there that hooked me up with a builder and local contractor. No ghettoes but there are redneck spots and oxy/heroin --just like Long Island (my old high school Massapequa is now nick-named "Heroin High"). A lot of my family moved to Florida but I hate hot humid weather, love the seasons, fall hunting, being snowed in etc. Sunbelt and down south also has too much "diversity" with the way things are going.

            Would love to be up North on a hundred acres in the ski area./White mountains, but settling for the "upscale suburbs" West of Manchester--New Boston, Bedford etc. Get a 6,000 sq foot McMansion with IG pool on 10 acres with a barn garage backed up to a greenbelt with views of Mt. Monadock for the same price/property taxes I now pay on LI..... can shoot and hunt in my backyard and an hour drive to Manchester airport, big hospitals etc. My kids are just starting school. Only thing is they also had a pandemic spike with tons of Massholes moving up and prices are soaring and closing quick. I may buy land and build, so 1 year best case, 2.5 may be more prudent. Going up again to meet with a builder in a month.

            here is one that I looked at that went into contract just a day later....


            and if the dream happens soon, just wait till you see the posts I'll bomb on here SBRs, NFA machine guns, custom desert eagles, suppressed pistol ARs, oh my,,,,
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              Anyway back to the project...a little context:

              This post was a direct reply to a poll on what project I should post next--a non-traditional Henry X-model, and it was indicated prior to the vote (you can see the description below) that it would get a non-traditional treatment with an mlok rail etc. That non-traditional version won the poll, so here it is. Additionally, it follows the non-traditional. Marlin Dark customization post (wood and rail) that got great feedback before it.

              I get that purists have critical views of these types--that's all fine and well--but this type was what was promised, and won the poll so here it is delivered.




              WHY THE X-MODEL?

              I also get that many posters don't read all the text before responding but the selection of the then new Henry X-line was also explained....

              At the time of purchase and original picture posts (I posted a .357 and .44 mag) the X-line was the only Henry side gate at the time, and many wanted wood options and more than the limited factory mlok. Henry unfortunately released during the pandemic and these were selling higher than MSRP and later in the year released the more traditional side gates..


              The X-line is a natural for customization and it still hold features unique to Henry's current offerings....

              --The X-Model is currently the only way you can buy a Henry lever in pistol caliber with a Pistol Grip stock/tang configuration (as seen on the .410 and 45-70s, HO-18). I prefer these in look, feel and balance.

              --X-Model is the only factory Henry with the oval, streamlined big loop. This is not even available in the Henry parts store. It is IMO the most efficient loop. As discussed in posts here before big loops are more style over substance (Never used in SASS comps, etc.) and the standard small loop, well, I can't get my sasquatch hands in.


              --X-model; threaded barrel. Yep, I shoot with a can out of state. Yep, I plan on hunting with a can in the near future in my new home, so this was a plus.





                How long would an effective suppressor be on that thing?

                kind of cool. I think the shell holder makes it look cluttered.....but from a practicality standpoint it makes sense. That being said we are in a world of hurt If we need to be doing rapid reloads on our lever actions.

                Killer brush gun. Not many things laugh at small tree branches like a .44 mag or a .300 savage.

                edit to add: I assume this rifle fits you the way my red Ryder fits me?
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                  I like them. Kind of reminds me of the wild wild west meets mad max.

                  NH also has state run liquor stores. Most items are a lot cheaper than here in NY. I make trips up there usually every 6 months to load up the truck with booze. The gf and I make a nice day trip out of it or a weekend thing out of it. Of course we choose liquor stores that are near gun shops.