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Reaction rod versus upper clamp

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    Reaction rod versus upper clamp

    In the coming weeks I will be in receipt of my new ar10 barrel to complete my ar10 build and wanted to know if anyone here had an opinion on the reaction rod versus the old school upper clamp to tighten the barrel but to my upper? The reaction rid is $200 and I usually do not shy away from buying tools but I am not sure if it really makes that much of a difference.

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    I am a big fan of the .223 version. It goes on sale from time to time at both the Geiselle website and at, watch around July 4th for the sales.
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      Won't work on AR 10's, but if somebody is thinking about the Geissele rod, I made Botach an offer of $40 for their own version, and they accepted it.

      Works like a charm.