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Question about billet lowers

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    if you want I have a DSI billet lower that joe Bob's manufactured that's actually in spec with a buffer tube that I've been trying to get rid of as I cant have something with DSI in it in my inventory. you can have it for 100 if you want


      The mag well is definitely not milled correctly from what I see in pics, might be causing feed issues and will only get get worse. As round about rule, billet AR lower receivers have more " features" ( flared magwells, integral trigger guards, " cool" factor looks, etc..), than forged AR lowers but, unfortunately, they also have a lot of fit issues with Mil Spec LPK, different manufacturers upper receivers, receiver extension fit, mag and mag well fit, along with some functioning issues . A few billet manufacturers that Ive spoken to recommend purchasing a receiver set to mitigate fit issues but it can come up when installing barrels and various makes of handguard. Caveat emptor! Aero has a forged lower receiver that has the "looks" of a billet lower if your into that sort of thing.
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