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Make Your Own 556/223 Ammo Point Protection Boxes

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    Make Your Own 556/223 Ammo Point Protection Boxes

    Here's a PDF template to make your own 5.56/.223 cardboard boxes to hold 30 rounds of ammo on 3 ten-round stripper clips.

    These "point protection boxes" fit both 4 and 7-pouch bandoliers and can easily be made from throw-away cardboard laying around the house - cereal box cardboard works real good, but any equivalently thick cardboard packaging can be used.

    Buying these cardboards can get expensive real fast - they go for anywhere from $0.20 to $1.00 each depending upon supply/demand. But you can make them in your spare time as needed.

    PS - Take it from an old paper model designer and builder - score your fold lines on the "reverse" side of the fold (i.e., the score line is on the inside). The score line pre-crushes the paper fibers and makes for a "crisp" fold.

    Just follow these simple instructions:

    1. Create a simple, reusable cardstock template you can use to trace the image onto your target cardboard
    a. Print out the PDF file with NO SCALING - there is a 1" x 1" square in the lower left corner that you can check to be sure the printout is the correct size.
    b. Cut out the image along the outer-most lines.
    c. Use this cut out template to transfer lines to your target cardboard.
    (I have a printer that can accept the thickness of the target cardboard, so i simply print the image directly on it.)
    2. Trace around your template with a felt marker ot pencil.
    3. Cut out your cardboard along the outer lines - an exacto-knife and steel ruler work really good, here, but scissors work just as well.
    4. Use the back of the exacto-knife blade or the point of an empty ball-point pen to score the fold lines (the fold lines are the long solid lines within the image). A straight edge will help greatly with this step. I slit the first 1/2" of the vertical lines (the 4 corners) at the top for relief - to make it easier to insert and remove the ammo.
    5. Fold the cardboard into shape along the scored lines - the right-most tab is a little shorter (1/32") than the left-most tab - fold the right tab UNDERthe left tab and glue or tape together (I used Elmers blue school glue)
    6. Fold the bottom tabs over one another along the scored lines and glue ( fold over order doesn't matter with these tabs)
    7. Fill your box with 3-ten round stripper clips of ammo - alternating the direction of the clips for proper fit.
    8. If you have a bandolier, fill the pouches with ammo boxes, accordion-fold the bandolier and store in your ammo box.

    stripper clip cardboard template-03.pdf



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