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TYPHOON F12 May FINALLY Be a Shotgun/AR Platform Worth Owning!

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    TYPHOON F12 May FINALLY Be a Shotgun/AR Platform Worth Owning!

    I'll just sit back and let you guys pick this apart.

    A relatively small company from Turkey dubbed Typhoon Defense may create a large name for itself within the US soon. A lot of companies in the past have tried to create 12 Gauge AR platforms, but failed to show staying power. Some were flat out flawed from the start while others pigeon-holed themselves (the Intrepid RAS-12 comes to mind).

    If you have never heard of the Typhoon F12 or Typhoon Defense for that matter, do not feel bad, you are not alone. There still is very little known about this firearm in terms of specifications, capabilities, and pricing.

    So far only a handful of photos have been circulating around the internet in hard to find places. An individual who has posted a lot of photos of the Typhoon F12 is MUSTAFA ÖZERBAŞ who appears to be part of the manufacturing process. His Instagram account has quite a few photos of the Typhoon F12 rifle and hints towards him being the owner of a fabricating company, Özerbaş makina, that is making it.

    MUSTAFA ÖZERBAŞ with a Typhoon F12

    Another individual who has released photos of this rifle on Facebook is Gungorav Gungorav Tasyagan who appears to manage a website that will be selling the Typhoon F12. Some specs on the rifle are eluded to on his website if you can translate the page; if not, here is a short list:
    • 7075 Aluminum Upper, Lower & Forearm
    • 18.5″ Barrel
    • 8.25 Lbs. (including magazine)
    • 37.5″ (Collapsed) & 45.25″ (Extended)
    • Ships with Leather Carry Case
    • Magazines included: 2-RD Mag, 5-RD Mag, 10-RD Mag & 20-RD Drum

    Typhoon F12 12 Gauge rifle from Typhoon Defense

    There is a price given on the website of $0.00, but we will just assume that is because none are available yet.

    A short statement given by Typhoon Defense hints towards a lead time (The grammar is not great, but they are from Turkey. If you ask me to speak Turkish, forget about it):
    We will pick demands [orders] up from clients [distributors/retailers] until 06.21.2016 and we will start to production process.
    Hopefully we will be hearing more about the Typhoon F12 and be seeing them in the US market. It is truly an intriguing firearm! Once we all can handle one, know more about its construction, and performance, then we will truly know if this is a firearm worth owning.

    20-Round Drum Magazine for the Typhoon F12

    A company called Typhoon Defense from Turkey will soon be selling a 12 Gauge hybrid shotgun/AR Platform in the U.S. called the Typhoon F12 that looks legit!

    To bad we cant have it lol

    ill stick to my dp12