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    I go shoot with the guys and I use my stoeger m3k with a 24” barrel with a modified choke and I’m good for 16-20 clays and if I’m on that day I can do 18-23. Like other said it’s not so much about the gun but your technique. I’m sure if I took lessons and got a longer barreled shotgun I’d do better but for me clays are for fun. I put my effort into Uspsa and steel Challenge. It’s Steve T was setting up the clay games.


      Certainly not opposed to a few lessons.
      I have shot better with the same gun shooting Sporting clays at Yaphank. Im usually in the 30's which still is not great. I also only do it once every year or 2.

      I would love to know where I'm hitting vs where I think I'm pointing!

      Lastly, never turn down the opportunity [excuse] to buy a new gun right?


        Originally posted by LI Ammo View Post

        You generally aim your handguns and rifles at a target and you adjust with each shot. The target is still, or slightly moving.
        You don't really aim at a clay. You point, not aim. The clay is moving fast, too fast to aim at exactly. You just aim to cover and lead, not aim.

        If you know your shotgun patterns slightly off to one side or patterns high or low, you will learn to build that into your consideration as you swing. It will effect your holding set point and your swing.

        As an example, my favorite trap gun shoots a pattern slightly high and left, so my shots from station four and five on a straight target or left target are very fast, because I fire as my point of aim is just approaching the line of travel. My shotgun "leads" for me. My hard right targets are slower shots because I have to over-lead the target, since I'm really shooting behind them, I have to swing more than it would seem.
        The difference is very subtle, but understanding your patterning gets your score up a few clays per round. If you are stuck on 19 or 20 and can't get to a 22 or 23 at every outing, study your patterning, that might be all you need to move up.

        You need a good gun fitting and/or an eccentric choke made to get your gun to shoot to where you are looking. It's amazing the difference that it will make.


          Originally posted by NRATC53 View Post
          When comparing to your pheasant shots, was distance etc similar? 26 IS a bit short for trap but doable, but coupled with the full chokes and the windy day, that may explain your performance
          Ditto to that,however, I routinely shoot 26” barreled O/U for trap on Mods and do fine. To Bills point the combination of events coupled with the set-up could’ve been a determining factor. Full chokes IMHO is too tight for non-handicapped trap.
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