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A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

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    A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

    Lee County Sheriff's Office
    June 18 at 5:39pm ·
    A note from Sheriff Mike Scott:

    In predictable fashion, President Obama and his acolytes immediately responded to the recent tragedy in Orlando by blaming guns. In turn, gun and ammo sales skyrocket, as they have in every instance prior; making Obama’s rhetoric once again largely responsible for record numbers of guns and ammo flying off shelves across this nation.

    Mere hours before hundreds were killed by ISIS in the gun-free zone of Paris, Obama is on record declaring ISIS as being “contained.” Recall, not long ago he referred to them as the JV Team. More aggression would follow, demonstrating he hasn’t a clue and that ISIS is not “on defense” as he also stated publically; they are very much “on offense.”

    Every law abiding citizen in this country has and should have the right to protect themselves, their business, and their family.

    The first responder is rarely a law enforcement officer…the first responder is typically the victim.

    Those who think terrorists or anyone else that is mentally insane or criminally inclined will comply with new gun laws are sadly mistaken.

    Televised beheadings involved knives, Oklahoma City involved fertilizer, 9/11 involved airplanes, and the Boston Marathon involved pipes.

    Need we more examples of the resolve to do damage with or without guns? If you look like food, you will be eaten and increasingly so over the last (8) years, examples of our vulnerability abound under a Shepherd and some sheep who seem unable or unwilling to realize that the wolf is not a gun.

    My team and I operate a fantastic, indoor shooting facility in addition to other great shooting facilities in SW Florida that are privately operated.

    I encourage firearms familiarization and training for the law abiding citizens that are so inclined, and concealed carry applications are available at my offices around the county. Additionally, we are happy to visit businesses, places of worship, or community groups with personal safety and situational awareness presentations that I know you would find interesting and helpful.


    Like I said, civilians are now the front line. We're the fucking meat shields in liberal land, but in free america, they are the first responders.
    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin