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Navy SEAL Fires Back at Starbucks

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    Originally posted by Aquabach View Post

    I did not know that about Venti.
    Although their other silly names don't always follow the same logic.
    It is brilliant of them to do this I think because you have to somehow set yourself apart when selling burnt coffee at high prices.
    The idiot "barista" not being Italian, nor working in Italy at the time should have been able to decipher the meaning of the word "medium" and translate it into starbucks. He could have simply grabbed the size he thought was medium and showed me the cup. I then could have said " Grazi Si!" lol
    You're more Italian than I am. My wife orders for me at Italian eateries.


      Originally posted by Diesel1 View Post

      You're toeing the line on the only rule here of "Don't be a dick".....

      if you don't tell us that story now please!
      Okay. I took a job at a small brokerage firm that was actually located in the NY Stock Exchange .
      On the 10th year anniversary of the AIDs protest against Wall St I was working there. I think it was 1997
      No one could explain to me what AIDs had to do with Wall St but it was my first experience learning that all these asinine protests are about free shit and wealth redistribution.
      Anyway we received a memo stating when the protest would be and no one would be allowed on the block without their work ID.
      I thought this was weird, the block? Not just the building but the entire block?
      As was my habit I always got to work early. I got more done between 0730 and 0900 then the rest of the day.
      The NYPD was there in force, They had all these blue saw horses lining the street.
      I showed my ID and went to our office in the NYSE
      Around 0930 I told my co workers i was going down to check it out.
      The street was packed, The police funneled people into a check point and protesters were around the sidelines,
      One of the things I noticed was the NYPD had their own camera man. Looked to me like a professional Television camera with a big NYPD decal on it.

      It seems the goal of the protesters was to get to the stock exchange and throw mason jars filled with pigs blood against it.
      In line was a young guy in a way too big suit carrying a brief case. He didn't fit so I watched him. Sure enough, he tried to run past the cops who stopped him.
      He started screaming bloody murder, The cops were barely restraining him. The cops were talking to him to calm down and he was just making things worse etc, The NYPD cameraman filmed it all as did the media cameramen that were there.
      Whenever the T V cameras were there the protesters were loud and chanting slogans, When the cameras weren't they were mostly quiet.

      The chant I remember went like this : " You get richer while we get sicker. You get richer while we get sicker. You get richer while we get sicker. "
      There was a group of them sitting on the outskirts in a circle chanting that with no enthusiasm. a guy who worked for the Stock exchange was outside watching this too. He was wearing a blue smock. Different floor professionals wear different colored smocks to identify what they do.
      I couldn't make out the chant right away and asked him if he knew what they were saying. He repeated the chant for me "You get richer while we get sicker. "

      I said , " I don't really have a problem with that. Do you?" He said " Not really"

      At this point I decided it was time for a little pot stirring.
      I got close to the group and told them " Come on! where's your enthusiasm? Let's hear it!!" and started the chant for them with a twist " I get richer while you get sicker . I get richer while you get sicker !"
      I was louder than all of them. 6 or 8 people. One big Bull Dyke got mad. She looked like an extra nasty Rosie O'Donnell.
      She got up and started rummaging around in her bag and pulled out a mason chair filled with red liquid. Which I guess was blood.
      She held it low and starred at me with hate. I think her nostrils were flailing too. Maybe that's why they're called bull dykes? LOL

      Anyway, I starred right back and told her in a threatening tone," Careful. You throw that at me and I will kick the shit out of you just as if you were a man."
      Rosie and I starred at each other for awhile and them someone else started throwing mason jars against the building . Cops ran at them, protesters tried to get through them to stock exchange etc.
      I turned to the other guy from the stock exchange and said, " Well, my work here is done" He laughed and then I went back to the check point to get into the building.
      So that's my story. Of course it was just coincidental that it happened while I was egging Rosie on

      "Get a Dog. Cause Cats Are For Bitches!"